It works! (With noise)

A project log for Audio Amplifier with Visualizer

An audio amplifier using the popular LM386 complete with a VU too!

HannahHannah 09/30/2018 at 01:040 Comments

So here it is in its breadboard beauty:

There is one difference: I added a 100nF cap between the input and potentiometer:

And I am a broke student so my... wiring... is interesting, to say the least. I need to just get a breadboardable aux input:

Oof. And now to the results! It gets loud. I only had one aux cord around, so I had to test it with my headphones. RIP. I used my scope to show the amplification:

Very Nice. Only one problem. It's extremely noisy. The eternal hiss is very much present along with this weird blip:
The hiss is probably a mix of my fantastic washi tape wiring and headphone use, but the blip is probably coming from the power supply. I will eventually use a better supply, but I'd like to make it work decently even with a mediocre voltage source. I'm researching it, but haven't come up with any good solutions yet.