Did I mention CircuitPython?

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A programming and communication interface for FPGAs

greggreg 08/20/2018 at 00:260 Comments

As mentioned previously, UF2 was created to make it easier to work with CircuitPython.  The boards upon which this circuit is based were designed to run CircuitPython and one of the first steps for bringing up and checking out this board will be to port and run CircuitPython.  Having a board like this capable of running CircuitPython could almost justify the project on its own.  This will be on of the first CircuitPython boards with any of Qwiic, UEXT, and PMOD connection options, let alone all three.  CircuitPython also provides an easier way for FPGA developers create scripts and utilities in an environment that might be easier for them to work with than the native embedded C/C++.