05 – PCB finalized

A project log for micropower micrologger [mPmL]

A set-and-forget I2C/digital datalogger. Size: 25.3x 18x 10mm incl. battery. Runtime: > 1year

JanJan 08/18/2018 at 13:530 Comments

Update 19.08.2018 – PCB is done

Just a quick shot of the near-final board (nothing routed yet):

The wasted space on the right will be used for one or two additional digital pins, so one could use sensors other than I2C. I finally decided to use CR1632 button cells (switched between them an CR1225 a few times) to get around two years of use out of them. That's because the combs are used around two years and I wanted to shrink tube the circuit so I can't easily replace the battery "in the field".

Final size is: 25,3x18mm (1x0.71").