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A project log for micropower micrologger [mPmL]

A set-and-forget I2C/digital datalogger. Size: 25.3x 18x 10mm incl. battery. Runtime: > 1year

JanJan 08/27/2018 at 14:110 Comments

Update – 22.09.18

I finally had the time to "fully" assemble everything. All things work as expected, RTC, EEPROM, LED, temperature sensor.

A few components are extras and do not need to be placed!

I will upload code snippets to test all the components, should anyone want to build that little thingy!

My boards arrived from the US just a few days after I sent the files. 

They look fabulous, quality is really good. They're 1.6mm instead of 0.8 as I mentioned in a log before, but that's not a problem at all. 

One stupid mistake is that I labeled D5 and D6 as D9 and D10. But other than the wrong silkscreen there's no downside to it... 

I soldered just the Atmega and a LED, flashed the chip to use the internal resonator and uploaded the blink sketch which I set to 100ms because I drive the LED directly with no resistor. 

Works like a charm, even after reflowing the chip 3 times @230°C because it didn't settle on it's pads correctly.

Can't solder the other stuff yet because I need to solder the TMP112 first and it has not arrived yet. 

Stay tuned :)