Raspberry Pi Car Dashboard

I created a digital dashboard for my pre-OBDII car which gives me full control over what is shown on the dash

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I have made a digital dash board for a pre-OBDII nissan car with a consult port. I created the software that reads from the car and displays the dash however I want. The dash runs on a raspberry pi 3 and shows live speed, RPM, and coolant temp right now. Later I want to add check engine codes and the ability to clear them. The raspberry pi reads directly from the car's ecu through a USB -> serial port -> consult port adapter and then displays the data on a touchscreen that is mounted over my dash.

See it working here, and also how to do this yourself :)

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rbruno96 wrote 05/12/2018 at 22:22 point

Nice project. Is there any way to get fuel consumption from ECU? I want to calculate roughly how much fuel do I use from an instant to another and then paying for only that amount of fuel, as the car is shared. Which other parameters can be read from the OBD? Thank you.

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Pau wrote 06/06/2017 at 15:22 point

I'm interessed on your project! I think that is a great idea :)

If you want to talk via e-mail or Skype, send me an e-mail at


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