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Arduino based RGB LED controller built into a bed to help make night time fun for kids and easier for parents.

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A Small Arduino based RGB LED controller using 3 analogue pots built into bed frame. The aim of this project was to help get my kids to bed a little easier while teaching them about additive colours. I thought it would be fun for them to choose a colour for their bed each night and provide me with a great way to teach them about aditive colours.I decided to create my own PCB as a learning experience. It is based heavily on the Eleven arduino compatible board using the ATmega328P Microcontroller.I used small bits of LED tape I salvaged and repaired on the top of the headboard and under the bed.

The MK2 has arrived.

  • The MK2 has arrived.

    Jamie Wells07/05/2017 at 21:08 0 comments

    I finally got round to getting the MK2 board printed, mainly due to my kids wanting to upgrade their beds.

    The new board is still 50mmX50mm but now uses an arduino nano to reduce the amount of time it takes to populate the board.

    The MK2 now controls 2 sets of RGB Tape, has better mounting points and better input/output connectors and handles both 12v and 24v tape.

    I have already got a couple of boards populated and working. My boys did all the easy through hole soldering and I did the surface mount stuff.

    Next step is to put them in boxes and add new pots to the beds.

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Hi Jamie,

I sent you a private message, can you check it please?

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