Set Top box hacks (DSTV)

using UART to gain access to a local set top box where i live to put a linux distro on it

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Hey guys so im doing this little project just to use on of my old DSTV explora's to use as something like a RPI , its by no mean powerful but hey if its got all the right components to my knowledge to run something like Ubuntu why now hey but id need your help with gaing access to the nand flash using UART ill put the picture i have taken for research and maybe you guys could help a fellow hackster links :
the proccessor is MIPS based and i have no experience with that architecture
Please help

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arko36 wrote 10/24/2020 at 17:24 point

I have just open the cisco 8685 after destroying the screws with a drill, kind of torx but with a pin in the middle , impossible to open. Anyway, same project, to put libreelect in it as it has all the hardware to be the perfect media center. I took some pictures and bought bus pirate on Amazon so let's see what can I do.

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