• How does it blink?

    nwmaker08/29/2018 at 20:40 0 comments

    The version 2 of snowy owl uses a dual inverter NL27WZ04 made by OnSemiconductor. Both gates are in use. So it is still ring oscillator, but not the usual hex inverters.

  • Snowy Owl v2 is alive

    nwmaker08/29/2018 at 02:35 0 comments

    The second version is here. Just power it with a 3V battery and it blinks. Check out the video

  • Version 1 of PurpleSnowy

    nwmaker08/18/2018 at 21:24 0 comments

    Yesterday I have received the PCB manufactured by OSH Park. It is announced at Twitter. Here is it. Snowy Owl is an amazing bird. PurpleSnowy need more love.