Big effort

A project log for Mini Tracker

A device that can send a position, u can use this for track people, pets, cars...

Raúl LunaRaúl Luna 09/29/2018 at 22:310 Comments

Well, like the old people said, in the bad moments is when you know the good guys, I made a big effort trying to connect the modem to the network, I was to the mall looking for T-Mobile stand and asking for eSIM and then is this guy Raul (yes he name is Raul too) this guy looks interested and told me that T-Mobile do not sells eSIM's but he knows a guy (Carlos) that repair phones in Laredo TX and maybe he can give me one of this eSIM's, on the way I'll been thinkin that I could desolder the eSIM from the tracker and then wire a normal SIM so I told Carlos my situation and I have just let myself in to the site and use ur tools

Unfortunately the modem don't turn on and I leave the other modems in Mexico so... yes...

At least I'm leaving with the satisfaction that I did what was within my reach and a little more.

I need to thank the Tech Guys in Laredo Texas for they help and Raul to put me in contact with them.