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A project log for Mini Tracker

A device that can send a position, u can use this for track people, pets, cars...

Raúl LunaRaúl Luna 10/01/2018 at 01:454 Comments

For all the people following this project, deadline is on my head and I can not make this modem connects with the network, I made the last try and the answer is negative, the project are moving with or without the contest.

wait for the news...


Akif D. wrote 10/02/2018 at 18:10 point

I've most of the parts here, even the modem. We have NB-IoT coverage in Germany - at least in some cities. I've running setups here with the BC68 and I would rebuild your tracker but your chosen microcontroller is unknown and uninteresting for me. Anyway, if you do need any parallel testing, let me know.

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Raúl Luna wrote 10/02/2018 at 19:53 point

I have been using this microcontroller for some years and I choose it because is very small and has the periferics that I need for the project, I'm very interested on make some parallel testing, thank you for interest and ur help.

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Akif D. wrote 10/01/2018 at 19:55 point

Which commands did you use to initialize the NB1 modem? Your screenshots just show the CEREG command.

Quectel has some examples in the AT-commands guide, you may want to look into it.

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Raúl Luna wrote 10/01/2018 at 22:29 point

Yes, I know how to initialize the modem correctly, my problem was that I did not get an appropriate simcard, in Mexico the NB-IoT network does not work, and in the USA only T-Mobile has this network, and the simcard that I had welded on my device has contracted with all network operators in the USA less with T-Mobile, I already explained in the logs that try to solder a normal simcard but during the process I make some mistake because the modem stopped working.
I already replaced the modem and started to work correctly but the problem that I am not in the USA to continue with the tests, by the way I found a small error in the hardware so I think to make a second version of the card and retest it in USA

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