Project Log #3 - Capacitive Touch Test

A project log for Skype 'kiss' interface

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NathanNathan 08/23/2018 at 10:220 Comments

I wanted to try using capacitive touch as the sensing method for two reasons, one to allow me to sense kiss/touch without direct contact with the electrode, and to try out the TSC peripheral on the STM32 MCU's.

I previously built a MakeyMakey re implementation based on the STM32, so using that board I did some basic rework to add a sampling capacitor to the pcb so I could use the existing electrodes as capacitive touch electrodes and test out the MCU's capabilities.  I added a piece of perspex to isolate the electrodes from my finger and attached two APA102's to the board that light up when I get close to the electrodes with my finger

Below is a video of the device in use