Project Log #4

A project log for Skype 'kiss' interface

To go anywhere you have to leave somewhere else

NathanNathan 08/23/2018 at 10:560 Comments

Im happy with the TSC peripheral on the STM32 and capacitive sensing as the sensing method.

I have begun capturing a schematic and doing rough placement of the components for the pcb layout.

I'm using the STM324042C6T6 as my MCU

I have gotten all the individual parts of the software working on the STM32: USB HID and TSC Touch sensing. I have a working prototype but the code is really ugly at the moment so Ill clean that up once the schematic and PCB is done, and i've decided on the pin mapping.

I've never done routing for Cap touch so I need to read into that a bit. I've added 6 electrodes on the board for a few reasons one being to have a board with 6 different cap touch inputs on to test the peripheral, another is to see what other mouth movements I can detect, i though licking left to right might be interesting / funny, but either way it give me some elbow room to play a bit. The 'look' of the board is not complete, i would like the PCB to be the package of the device so I still need to give that some thought. 

Still to do:

Clean up code and publish a working version thus far

Finish schematic and publish

settling on look and feel of the pcb

look into an enclosure, if its something I want / need and what that might look like

Work on final firmware, and eventually publish

Below is a screen grab of the rough component placement on the PCB without any though on overall finish and aesthetics