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    Download files

    Download following files and store on your computer:

    1) PhotBox_v1d_sch1_2018-07-24.zip

    2) FibPhotBox_v3_lid.stl

    3) FibPhotBox_v3_box.stl

    4) fibPhotBox6_LPC1768.bin

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    Order PCB

    Navigate to:

    Click "Add Gerber Files"

    Navigate to and select "PhotBox_v1d_sch1_2018-07-24.zip"
    Click "OK"

    Make sure PCB Dimensions are 100mm x 160mm

    Select desired color

    All other default options should be OK

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    Order commercial components

    Order all other commercially available components off of parts list from Digikey,

    McMaster-Carr and National Instruments