Project Wrap-Up

A project log for Tiny CAN Positioning Motor Controller

A 12A/28V DC brush motor controller with position feedback that speaks CAN-BUS... in one square inch.

Pierce NicholsPierce Nichols 10/01/2018 at 15:230 Comments

So... I wasn't ultimately able to get past my soldering issues so I wasn't able to get any of the boards working to the point where I could start writing and testing software. I think the problem was that I included a via connecting the ground pads of the uC and the CAN interface together, which was enough to push the solderability over the line of what I am capable of doing.

I was, however, able to get the basic requirements of the contest (gerbers, pictures of assembled project, and parts list) together in time.

This was sort of a practice run at something I've been thinking about since Toorcamp this year, which is a line of cheap, single-function CAN interface boards. I.e. something like this board plus various sensor and actuator interfaces. The boards will be bigger (1 x 2 inches) and all the components will be on one side. There's a nice low-end STM32 chip that has built-in CAN which I expect to use as the heart of that line of boards. I'll be opening a new project to hold that. Here's my preliminary line-up: