Controller V4

A project log for DIY Wastewater Treatment Controller

Project goal is to build a controller for home wastewater treatment plant.

leszek-wojcikleszek-wojcik 08/24/2021 at 21:390 Comments

Its been a long time but finally I was able to work a bit on controller and I managed to add some features.

- Firstly I moved entirely from ESP8266 to ESP32

- I've added WPS push button into board and programed it. It allows to configure WiFi network

- I've added circuit that allows to me read AC current flow in each socket, so that air pump is constantly monitored.

- ESP32 allowed me to connect controller to cloud using secure TLS/MQTT

- MQTT statuses are regularly sent to cloud.

- I'm able to reconfigure controller settings using IoT thing shadow service

- I also prepared some draft android app for manual control and monitor but I'm not pursuing this further.

Remaining development task is to be made at cloud. I need to create a rule that will send me an e-mail when pump failure is detected. It would be great to create custom PCB as well.

When one of my air pumps will broke then I will redesign enclosure so that I can hookup AC valve coil instead of auxiliary pump. This will enable me to reach a point where only single air pump is needed for solution. For now dual pump design works good for me.

Controller sits in place and do what was created for. Since all major project goals are met I decided to mark this project as completed... and now pursuing some other challenges.  Project was fun to work. It might seems that waste treatment is unpleasant topic but this project was indeed satisfying and provided me with framework experience that I will use in my next projects.