Is to develop a Universal Computer User Interface for Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones:

I cannot achieve this on my own. If you are inspired by the quest for this Holy Grail, please help me!

Hello Fellow Hackers and Makers,

I would like to present my Simply Obvious User Interface, SOUI (pronounced SoWe) in the 12 pages of accompanying documentation.

SOUI is the fruits of 40 years of my Computer UI development, much of it spent at CERN. 

SOUI consists of: 

Pages (see Files)

  1.  An Overview of the 11 other pages.
  2. The Mess created by Apple Programmers In 1981.
  3.  The Mess created by WordPerfect Programmers In 1990.
  4.  Screen Cancer Created by Pull-down Menus (Mice Mazes).
  5.  The Widget Cancer Ribbon. The bigger screen allows the Cancer to multiply!
  6.  How "MenuIndex with Limitations" enhances the User Experience and how   User Productivity is Crippled by: Was this information helpful?
  7.  An Apple UI Intuition Test.
  8.  Now that Microsoft has chained you to their screen, what will you do?
  9.  Features of the EZsmartphone. The concept has spawned my Unbrickable Smartphone and Re-purposing Smartphones projects. VULNERABILITIES ARE CURRENTLY HUSHED UP AND BUILT INTO the Firmware of Android Smartphones!
  10.  The Future UI of Computers and Smartphones
  11.  Sliding Menus quadruples the EZsmartphone screen size. 
  12.  The EZsmartphone 10% Discount Voucher (pdf) or (png). If we can get this single page to go Viral, then we will have altered the future of Smartphone and Desktop User Interfaces for the better, for all Users. 

Move over Google and Apple. Hello Huawei.

I am honoured, and priviliged, to present this initiative to such a prestigeous forum as Hackaday, oozing with so much talent, ingenuity, and creativity.

I hope my invitation to everyone in this forum, to co-create the EZsmartphone, the NextGen smartphone, will spark your approval, your support, and your very valuable and welcome contributions.


Let's get the EZsmartphone into mass production, by multiple vendors, by simply making a single sheet of paper, the EZsmartphone 10% Discount Voucher (pdf), or (png) go viral.

A shining example of "little" people saying to Giant Corporations:

We know what we want. And its not the rubbish you are forcing on us.

Thank you for your time,