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A project log for DRM-114

DEFCON 27 SAO project

Nick SayerNick Sayer 04/20/2019 at 16:540 Comments

Turns out, the manufacturer went ahead and made them black anyway. That's a nice bonus - I much prefer black to green. They're on their way back and should arrive Monday. I've updated the project gallery with a picture of an OSHPark board (the only difference is purple soldermask instead of black).

The goon variants are all done. Their special firmware will not be open-source and it will be a goon-only super-set of functionality. The soldermask is goon-red and they will be sold for the same price, but only to goons.

The only thing left when the manufactured boards arrive will be to add on all of the SAO connectors and program them.

I also need to make up a bunch of "CnD" certificates just in case someone does succeed in reverse engineering the key protection algorithm.