Storm Watch

A low cost system to predict changes in weather and answer your questions about potential volatile patterns.

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Hardware is Raspberry Pi zero , Texas Instrument CC1350 SensorTag and a Logtech C170 web cam . Software includes Grafana , Influx and Alexa as the voice.

Below is a model in Grafana using sensor data in real time. The data is refreshed every 5 seconds .The sensor of most interest for the project is the Altimeter/Pressure Sensor BMP280. The database for storage is influx.  A high reading means good weather but if it is falling than poorer weather can be expected. The larger the fall can mean a more volatile  weather and the stronger the storm. Alexa will answer any questions regarding a short term forecast.

  • Streaming the SensorTag Data

    Brenda Armour08/18/2018 at 12:18 0 comments

    This is a simple version of Node Red to capture the sensor data. I am streaming to IBM cloud and the Influx database I have created. There is no configuration of the data - it just works. I am testing on the Raspberry Pi 3. The Pi will act as a gateway. Data  from the sensor tag will be saved by the Influx node. The port for influx is 8086 appended to the Pi's IP address. The data base has been set up in Influx and the measurement is called watch. A measurement is similar to a table. We need to define this to setup a data source in Grafana.

  • Grafana and Influx

    Brenda Armour08/16/2018 at 17:53 0 comments

    Grafana is a wonderful  open source application to graph your sensor data in real time . You can refresh the data every 5 secs and store the data using Influx back end. To install Grafana on the Raspberry Pi go here and for Influx download here.

  • Alexa voice for Storm Watch

    Brenda Armour08/16/2018 at 17:10 0 comments

    I did install Alexa for another project about two years ago.  Boy it was a long progress and now it seems to have been simplified.  I used this script to get  the app up and running:  Simple Alexa .  Please note that the Product ID has to be my_device and the the Client ID is found under security management settings or its not going to work when you set up config.txt. I am using the ultra low cost Logitech C170 web cam for the microphone. I'll be updating the log with some testing of the microphone.

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