ili9341 320x240 at >10fps(20fps interlaced) 32x32 interpolated blocks) using amg8833 sensor

A project log for spi write up to 64 colors at a time on Arduino!

amg8833 equivilent sensor thermal cam is a perfect example of how to write faster with spi lcd displays. 128x128 sample fast on Arduino.

jamesdanielvjamesdanielv 11/07/2018 at 02:220 Comments

beta release of ili9341 display working at an average of 10fps (20fps but interlaced). need to finish up feature changes and buffer size adjustments for mlx90460 sensor, then get 64x64 mode working for ili9341 display.

including new features on 32x32 mode such as AdvancedColorVisualSeperation. setting this with a number greater that 0 enables it. whatever number above what you set to is the color range intensity that is amplified, so unlike narrowing temp range which also brings more noise, this just shows more details around objects. im still working on methods that handle saturation, currently i'm just clipping it at max intensity false color value

and optimize 3 setting that reduces display writes by half, and some other minor tweaks.

also starting to put in code that allows sensor buffer size to change. this is important for adding mlx90460 sensor to be used in code in future.

to turn on and off AdvancedColorVisualSeperation set it to true or false. it can saturate images.