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A project log for Thermal Imaging RPi Zero W

Using the Lepton 2.5/3.5 and Purethermal2 board for thermal imaging on RPi Zero W

disasterarchydisasterarchy 08/15/2018 at 14:280 Comments

I will do this on a headless Rpi Zero W.  

First I am going to install a headless Raspian Stretech lite.  Directions for this are here:

Next I will setup the software for the Purethermal2 to work with the RPi.  I will first install libusb and then the groupgets version of libuvc ( and then I will try the script from (

Once I get the image capture to work, we will save power by periodically disconnecting from and turning off the Purethermal board which is a usb device.  There are some forums that discuss generally how this is done:

Another approach would be to work on doing a better job at stopping camera streaming when we are done.

General power saving tips are discussed here.