SA612 Mixer

A project log for X-UHF

X-UHF is a project to build a low cost RF prototyping system for experimenting in VHF and UHF bands.

Colin AlstonColin Alston 08/17/2018 at 18:570 Comments

I made the PCB for an SA612 mixer module and assembled the first test build. The only thing missing is the LD1117 regulator so I am just powering it from an external regulated supply.

All seems to be working well, although only tested up to 50Mhz until I build the Si5351 module.

Tons of extra harmonics but thats to be expected with no filtering. Still there was no visible distortion even up to 40Mhz IF with a 10Mhz input signal. Initially I tested with the Redpitaya's function generators and its input in the oscilloscope mode. Unfortunately the spectrum analyser mode doesn't let you turn the outputs on at the same time so I swapped over to an RTL-SDR module to look at the spectrum. 

Now to try my hand at UV photoresist PCBs and try get a working VCO with the Si5351