A Unusual MQTT, Kafka and Fuse Online IoT Demo involving Max

A project log for Hacking the Meccano M.A.X.

Meccano M.A.X. is a 30cm tall toy robot that is fun to build. This project aims to convert it into a machine vision robot.

mrdreambotMrDreamBot 11/28/2018 at 23:120 Comments

Recently IBM bought Red Hat for $33 Billions mainly for its Openshift Container Platform. I created this demo using AMQ , Kafka, Fuse Online running on Openshift.  Max's movement is sent using MQTT and saved in a Kafka topic and then taken from the Kafka topic and saved in a file on a FTP site using Fuse Online integration. The file is then used as the source to playback the movements on Max using a small Java program.
Enjoy ;-)