Mechanical Design Update – Human Fit Test

A project log for EmotiGlass

A new device to change the user's emotional perception of reality.

jason-meyersJason Meyers 10/11/2018 at 23:420 Comments

While the previous test prints had determined the fit of the major components into the EmotiGlass frame, the equally important fit of the frame onto a human head had not yet been fully tested.  Also, the exact position of the battery and electronics stack had yet to be finalized.  To allow progress, an initial design for the side pieces (temporarily omitting mounting provisions for the electronics) was modeled and printed.  This allowed the frame to be positioned on a human head and various aspects evaluated.  The following conclusions were generated which will be implemented in the next few days:

-The placement of the displays is slightly below center of the eyes.  This is desirable, as it allows for adjustability.  I plan to design and 3d print spacers to clip onto the bridge (possibly, in more than one size) to allow the positioning to be easily adjusted to different noses.

-The shape of the arms works well but could be improved by extending them further back and down slightly.

-There appears to be space to mount the electronics stack and batteries directly between the side shutters and the ear, and elevating them as previously planned won’t be necessary.  (these will be stood off slightly so that even if they do overlap with the ears they won’t interfere).

I'm hoping to complete the CAD model and 3d print the final frame in the next few days, which will be an exciting milestone.