Wearable Prototype Completed and Source Uploaded

A project log for EmotiGlass

A new device to change the user's emotional perception of reality.

jason-meyersJason Meyers 10/17/2018 at 05:300 Comments
We are very excited to post that the first wearable prototype of EmotiGlass is now complete.  We have confirmed that the device powers on and accepts commands via bluetooth, and that all operating modes are functional.

After building this prototype, a few adjustments were made to the cad model to make assembly of additional prototypes easier.  Updated stl's have been uploaded.

A few minor electrical issues were discovered during build.  An error in software at Osh Park's fab had rotated a square pad 45 degrees shorting a data line to ground, which was fixed by xacto knife (Osh is also fabricating corrected PCBs).  Also, the pinout for the DACs in the Right Side Dev PCB contained errors, which was corrected by cutting traces and greenwiring the relevant lines.  The schematic and PCB files for the Right Side Dev board were updated to incorporate this correction and rev 1.2 was released (for this board only).  Updated Schematics and Gerbers have been uploaded.

Electrical and mechanical source files have been uploaded.  The mechanical design was done in Solidworks.  The complete design is contained in an assembly file.  The mechanical design has also been uploaded in parasolid and step formats to facilitate import into other CAD tools.  The electrical design was done in Altium, and the project, schematic, PCB, and library files have all been uploaded.  These files have also been exported to PCAD ASCII format to facilitate import into other ECAD tools.  With this posting, source is now available for all portions of the design.  Unless we discover any errors, this version of the electrical and mechanical source will remain static until we develop a rev 2 EmotiGlass design.

Lastly, a finalized Bill of Materials has been uploaded which now includes mechanical components, and the wiring info document has been updated.  With these updates, all information needed to build an EmotiGlass prototype has now been uploaded.

Assembly of a second copy of the prototype is in progress.  The assembly process is being documented and photographed at each step so that we can assemble detailed build instructions, which will be posted soon to supplement the design documentation and facilitate construction of a prototype by anyone interested.