1st prototype building details

A project log for Wifi remote

Trying to use ESP8266 to build a "remote" for driving some of my wifi compliant personal projects (robots, home appliance ... )

emmanuel-lecomteEmmanuel Lecomte 08/22/2018 at 07:250 Comments

The 1st prototype is mostly based on standard boards / modules, mixed together with 2 pre-drilled protoboard

What's inside : 

Node MCU is soldered (for space constraints). Everything else can be removed

The idea was to add everything from a breadboard to space-constrained boards. And to be able to build it with a crappy solder iron, bad quality protoboard, and spare pieces. Everything was done in few days 4 months ago

Here some pictures I have kept

The Node MCU is taking a lot of space : at this time I didn't knew about D1 Mini :-) :

I have tried to organize everything before soldering :

Once completed : Yes I know, it's ugly ...

Since then it's programming only. I work with Arduino IDE only, no micropython. Code is on github. Still in "prototype" mode ...