2nd prototype - in progress

A project log for Wifi remote

Trying to use ESP8266 to build a "remote" for driving some of my wifi compliant personal projects (robots, home appliance ... )

emmanuel-lecomteEmmanuel Lecomte 09/18/2018 at 12:360 Comments

I don't have a lot of time for working on my projects, but I was able to prepare something for the 2nd prototype based on standard D1 Mini modules

I'm not good at all on soldering, and I did a mistake with the D1 Mini Battery shield, so I had to remove and restart everything.

But at least now it's OK and working. 

It's built around the ꝺeshipu's D1 Mini X-Pad, using only orginal Wemos D1 mini lite + shields. I have added a LiPo + one on/off button + some button caps.

These shields are very compact

It works :-)

 Everything will be crammed into a standard 72x44x25 project box like this :

I know it's ugly but it's already better than the 1st proto :-)

Maybe I will be able to work on it in 1 or 2 weeks