Second prototype completed with box

A project log for Wifi remote

Trying to use ESP8266 to build a "remote" for driving some of my wifi compliant personal projects (robots, home appliance ... )

emmanuel-lecomteEmmanuel Lecomte 10/08/2018 at 11:010 Comments

I had few hours to at least complete the second revision of the remote, and to program it.

It's small, it's not so pretty (but prettier than revision 1 ...) but it works.

And it's much more children proof !

For now it's only able to drive my mini robot, but I will add other features later.

And if you are asking, yep, the small robot head is animated. I have less space on screen with this revision than on Rev 1, so I decided to be more "graphic" than "textual" ...

Here how it works with "robot small" (sorry for vertical video ...)

I don't think I will be able to work on a new revision with a custom PCB until maybe 6 months or so. So for now I will use this version and complete my robot projects. And then I will start some connected home projects.