Finding the Right Connectors

A project log for Pyxel Paradise

A DIY mini arcade cabinet that can run games built using Pyxel ( on the Raspberry Pi.

rkrishnasankarkrishnasanka 04/01/2019 at 02:130 Comments

So the project has been on a standstill for the past couple months because, my part orders didn't get processed through the university. But I've also been having a tough time figuring out what cables are being used for all the boards. Because most of the documentation for the Adafruit parts have been in chinese, it was impossible to find the specs so I ended up getting the Dirty PCB Cable Sample pack: for this and future projects.

I finally got the delivery last week (8 week delivery wait) and so now I'm checking against the other parts now.

So here are the things I'm figuring out:

Joy Stick Connector2.54 mm KF2510 (5 Pin)
Audio Port for Monitor2.00 mm JST-PH (4 Pin)