Some reflections

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Onion Omega based pulseaudio server

andrey.malyshenkoandrey.malyshenko 09/20/2018 at 07:270 Comments

After being used for several month, here are some reflections

1) For some audiotracks audio getting distorted after some playback time (sounds like vynil sound), after i press stop and play again - it gets better. I guess that's an indication that some issue with pulseaudio is there. I would like to upgrade pulse from version 6 to 9, but for now i have kernel panic with latest and not able to solve it yet.

2) I have a feeling that wifi is not the best option. I would like to replace it with ethernet, but for now don't have time to assemble ethernet connector.

3) I will try to assemble orange-pi version of the same, eventually i want to have hi quality DAC attached to it, instead of sound card, and i failed to make it work with Omega. Seems that omega is quite troublesome in terms of sw, i really wish to keep it for it's low power consumption and low hw (and therefore no hw underutilization), but i don't have time and competence to solve those issues with sw.

4) Sometimes i see that connection to pulse from my laptop is lost, and pulse restart helps. I guess i should be fixed by running it via ethernet.