Re-purposing Smartphones

Once the bootloader for an Unbrickable Smartphone is available, many avenues and opportunities open up for re-purposing Smartphones.

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Electronics account for up to 70 percent of the toxic waste that goes into landfills.

Examples of how an Internet or Phone enabled Smartphone can be re-purposed are:
As a “Phone Only” configuration, which includes a simple “Three Number Only” dialler, with
pictures, which the young or elderly would find useful;
As an “Internet Linked Security Camera”.

Standalone applications, without any connectivity, eliminate all security risks:
Security Camera;
Dedicated MP3 Music Player with a Large Screen;
GPS based navigation system.

These User Controlled Re-purposing options would create a “Re-purpose before Recycle” option which would be much better, both for the users, and the environment, than current Smartphone Recycling schemes.

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