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A project log for qlbrd (cool board)

QLBRD is a ball shaped input device that attempts to solve issues related to ergonomy, usability and comfort of use of remote controllers.

dhgdhg 08/26/2018 at 09:250 Comments

The most basic setup of QLBRD will contain simple and popular among makers set of readily available modules - Adafruit Blufruit LE coupled with accelerometer (in my case 9DOF I mentioned already, so accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer). This setup will be fed with additional input from set of microswitches mentioned as well. Power will be provided by 200mAh single LiPo cell or set of five 40mAh cells placed in "wings". The second solution, while tempting can require a balancer for cells. Blufruit power consumption is around 13mA or so while active so batteries should last for long enough.

Modular structure of QLBRD enables me to add more modules with time and will publish their description as they are developed.