Stackable Uno Case: Grow It to Fit Your Project

The only enclosure for your Uno that can accommodate any shield stack height and can fit non-shield boards.

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After looking for a housing for one of my UNO projects, all I could find were housings that fit an UNO only. Or would fit an UNO and one shield, sometimes it had to be a specific shield.

I needed something that was more versatile and could flex with my needs as I developed a project or created another project. After some trial and error I developed the AnyBox for UNO. It uses a common base for the UNO. The UNO just snaps in without the need for hardware.

AnyBox can have expanders added as needed. The expanders can be stacked as high as needed to accommodate any size of shield stack. The sides of the expanders can be snipped away, allowing for protruding connectors or a larger than normal cable, etc. A plate or false bottom can be added to each expander allowing for non-shield form items to be added and attached.

The idea is to create something that can be used today for one project and tomorrow for the next. An any sized product for your UNO needs.

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