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Building a gaming pc in an old iMac G3 case

Cedric AnnéCedric Anné 07/24/2019 at 13:580 Comments

Some of the extension cables for the IO shield arrived, so I'm trying to finish the layout and print a final version.

A few of these cables have screw holes and extra protection that's going to be in the way, so I'm removing that with a box cutter.

I tried some test prints with the transparent PETG filament I bought some time ago and got pretty good transparency, but the geometry of the IO shield doesn't seem to work as well. Might need to work on that if I really want it to be more transparent.

All in all I think it's coming along quite nicely.

I'll be doing a few things next:

- Printing a final IO shield (more transparent)

- Using epoxy to glue the cables to the IO shield

- Printing the front bezel in a final plastic and using a 3d pen to weld the (glued) parts together

After all that is done, I can focus on mounting the internals.