IoT - Four Part Framework for Development

This three part series will describe my work on a framework for IoT development

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IoT implementations across the spectrum of possibilities have many atttributes in common. This series of projects describes my work to create a framework that contributes to the following development goals:
1) Fast implementation
2) Reliable / resilient
3) Maintainable/readable
4) Extendable
5) Supportable
I have been building software for 50 years and for IoT for the last 5. I hope this will benefit someone else.

The project is in 3 parts:
Part I - IoT parameterization: Shows that IoT sensor/actuator software can be parameterized.
Part II - IoT messaging: Show how the usual one direction MQTT messaging system
can be made into request/response
Part III - IoT database: Illustrates a flexible SQL database
Part IV - IoT Data Presentation: Shows a way to present IoT data via Web

I will be adding more content; my current project descriptions are skinny.

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