Worry Prosthetic Electronics

A project log for Musical Prosthetics

Interactive wearable sculptures which translate the wearers body movements into sound.

Kate ReedKate Reed 08/28/2018 at 16:230 Comments

Once I felt like I had the body of the prosthetic built, it was time to start experimenting with the sound component of the design. I originally thought that the prosthetic would have two SoftPot Membrane Potentiometers on each of the hands, and be played by rubbing the hands together. The more I thought about how this set up would work, the more I realized that it was not an ideal set up for the electronics and visually note the best way to show the sound of worry.

I rethought the electronics, and settled upon still using SoftPot Membrane Potentiometers, to use in different places. I bought four 7-inch potentiometers and decided they would lay along the inside of the arms. This way the prosthetic would still be played by worried movements, rubbing the hands and the arms, but it would be more interactive of the whole body and not just the hands.