Happy Prosthetic Finishing Touches

A project log for Musical Prosthetics

Interactive wearable sculptures which translate the wearers body movements into sound.

Kate ReedKate Reed 08/28/2018 at 16:330 Comments

Once I had the petals made it was time to start experimenting with how to use them. I started to string them on some spare wire I had just to see how much space I would need between each petal, and how they acted, and I was very pleased. It turns out I only need eight petals for this prosthetic, but it never hurts to have a few extra laying around. I need spacers to space out and secure each petal along the steel wire. I picked up some really nice wooden beads at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and started experimenting with various formations of both wooden and metal beads separating the petals on the steel wire. 

For the petals to function, they needed to be spaced out quite a bit. I ended up feeling like the prosthetic felt a little naked. I went back to the fabric store and bought two types of tulle and added that to the prosthetic to see if that would solve my wonderings. The prosthetic feels much more covered now, and maybe too covered. I’m still thinking and taking in the visual. The tulle might stay, or it might go…