4 layer PCB works

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Buildroot-based puredata synth, using the nanopi neo core and a CM6206 USB soundcard

mitchelldokkenmitchell.dokken 02/25/2019 at 16:090 Comments

I only made 2 mistakes on this one, both involve the 5v rail. One mistake involves drilling a via out, the other is cutting a trace and soldering a jumper.

The firmware for the STM32 works on the first try, which is rare. Now the display is handled by the micro instead of sbc. 

Big ups to @Sunshine_Jones for the boot screen quote from

Currently working on bringing the linux version up from 4.13 to 4.18. Playing with -mtune gcc options in buildroot. 

Learned about `ldd -v` and `patchelf`, so I'm creating a small script to help non-developers bring their favorite binaries over to this. I have this feature working with orca, which you can find here: . It basically finds all shared library dependencies, copies them over, tweaks the search path for that binary, tars it, and it  generates a shell script for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH update when you try to run the binary. 

This week will be dedicated to getting the linux groundwork complete so I can work on full feature compatibility within puredata. I also ditched python and the curses module for the screen. Its all OSC messages over the serial port now.