12v power supply to rule them all!

A project log for 8 channel surround sound synth with analog filters

Standalone synth and surround sound mixer. An 8ch input/output soundcard combined with two analog filters, controlled with a raspberrypi.

Slavko GlamocaninSlavko Glamocanin 10/12/2018 at 09:080 Comments

In this project i have a 5V needing RaspberryPi and 12v analog modules, so i decided for a fat 12v power supply to rule them all.

But the 7805 voltage regulator i had lying around turned out to run at 100 degrees C, far too high and I didn't have a heatsink nearby.

So i found the Recom switching regulator, and sourced it. But I remembered that while building my drone I also ordered some micro BECs and what do you know, they fit perfectly!

The Recom is also pin compatible but it costs around 9eur, compared to this quite cheap 2e5 component or should i call it a module.

The 1 amp should suffice in powering the RaspberryPi, but I will check what happens if you run a couple of usb powered midi devices on it, too.