First Schematic concept

A project log for Blink An LED Entry: BlinkIR

My entry for the Mouser and MacroFAB Blink An LED competition. Blinking modules that interact with each other.

Gee BartlettGee Bartlett 09/01/2018 at 22:240 Comments

I'm looking at using and ATTiny9 or 10 for this project to keep the board space assemblability and power overheads down as much as possible. So keeping that in mind I have done an initall schematic in Kicad.

I have added a CR2032 battery holder and the main blink LED in the lower right side of the schematic. I have broken out the programming pins for the ATTiny and made sure there is a pull-up resistor for the reset line to avoid and funny business.

Things I'm haven't really considered a the moment is decoupling the MCU with some 100nF and 1uF capacitors. and the sew-able connections of they are an option for providing power.