Having the power

A project log for Blink An LED Entry: BlinkIR

My entry for the Mouser and MacroFAB Blink An LED competition. Blinking modules that interact with each other.

Gee BartlettGee Bartlett 09/08/2018 at 22:360 Comments

I started my initial routing from the schematic I shared before. Much to my disappointment i couldn't settle on a board outline that was beneficial to what i an wanting to achieve without making the board bigger and bigger. 

I always wanted to have the individual units powered via sew-able tabs so after soul searching have decided to make this a wearable/soft project.

As you can see in the bottom left of the schematic I have added the pre-mentioned sew-able tabs which will be used for main power. 

I intend for these tabs to either be used with conductive thread of which i have some to hand, or to use tradition bus bar or single core bell wire to solder them together in interesting shapes.