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A project log for Turnado Hardware MIDI Controller

The development of a dedicated hardware MIDI controller for the Turnado audio FX software plugin.

Liam LaceyLiam Lacey 10/07/2018 at 17:100 Comments

I've now got the Teensy firmware code to a point where the MIDI controller is working as intended and fully usable for controlling the Turnado software. 

All software can be seen in the project's GitHub repository, and rather than trying to describe here how the software implementation works I've commented the code as much as possible to try and explain this.

The code I have written for this project is split over 13 files, where the Arduino/Teensy sketch code is split over 7 files (the .ino file and 6 .h files), with three classes (each split over a .h and .cpp file) that are used in the sketch.

These are the code files that make up the project's Teensy/Arduino project: