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A project log for Turnado Hardware MIDI Controller

The development of a dedicated hardware MIDI controller for the Turnado audio FX software plugin.

Liam LaceyLiam Lacey 10/07/2018 at 17:270 Comments

Six weeks ago this project was just an idea in my head; but after 2220 lines of code, 112 wires to solder, 67 enclosure holes to drill, and 1 broken microcontroller, the device is finally in a usable state that I can demonstrate!

Here is a video demonstrating the MIDI controller in use, where it is controlling two instances of the Turnado plugin to perform live audio manipulation/remixing of a set of audio loops (taken from one of my own tracks). Ableton Live is being used as the host software for the plugins, and a Novation Launchpad is being used to trigger the audio loops.

Unfortunately it's not easy to make out the realtime control feedback on the LCD in the above video, therefore here is a quick video showing the behaviour of the LCD when controlling the software parameters, or when the software parameters are controlled directly and send MIDI back to the device: