The Beatsqueezer - small sample player device which produce Hi-Fi sound in 44100 Hz 24 bit stereo with up to 16 mono (can be applied panorama) or 12 stereo voices polyphony in 44100 Hz 16 bit. It is designed to bring on stage Mellotron-style synthesizer with unique sampled instruments, one shot / looped samples sets, drums, backing tracks, sound effects etc.

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It has 1GB internal flash memory for keeping sound Banks (after loading into, all Banks available immediately, no SD card present required), 4 knobs for fx filters (each filters parameters can be accessible with MIDI CC), 1 rotary encoder with button for menu navigation, 128x160 color TFT display, 3.5 jack MIDI IN, 6.3 jack stereo audio output, micro SD card slot and full size USB B connector for device powering (can be used any 500 mA power source: mobile phone charger, 5V adapter with USB socket, power bank, etc.), and for communication with PC, MAC, mobile phones and tablets (with usb host feature) thru USB-MIDI protocol.

With "Banks Editor" software, user has possibility to create his own sample Banks (paches).

The Bank file format supports:

Up to 3 samples ("Default""Piano" and "Forte") for each of 128 notes with unlimited sample length.

Sample loop point, for infinitive playback.

Cut group, for playing only one sample at one time from specific group (for example: open and close hat, solo instrument), "self" group to stop playing only same sample, if corresponding note pressed twice and "none" group for multiple sample playback.

Dynamic or Fixed velocity for each sample.

"Ignore note off" behaviour (for "one shot" sounds).

If "Ignore note off" feature and loop point are defined, sample goes to "Loop trigger" mode, when 1-st press will play sample and 2-nd will stop it.

Stereo panorama for each note (for mono samples only).

Also implemented simple MIDI files track Player. Can be played one MIDI Track from song (MIDI file) at one time. Tracks can be switched (next Track will be played after end of previous) and looped in real time. MIDI Player can be triggered and synced with master sequencer, by MIDI Clock and MIDI messages: "Start" (Play MIDI Track), "Stop" (Stop MIDI Track), "Song Select" (Change MIDI Track)

With "Split Mode" feature, possible to split keyboard in up to 4 ranges (groups), and load individual Bank for every group.

Beatsqueezer has range of master filters and special effects such as: Low Pass Resonant filter, Ring Modulation, Flanger, Stereo Rotary Vibrato, Limiter, Bitcrusher, Granular Glitch, Delay with Low Pass and High Pass filters, ADSR envelope for amplitude and ADSR for Low Pass filter.

Supported pitch bend wheel +2/-2 semitones, modulation wheel, expression pedal, sustain pedal, sostenuto pedal, channel pressure (aftertouch).

For onboard knobs implemented the "smart knobs" behaviour - filter value will changing, only if real knob position and value will match.

There is a possibility to upgrade or install different firmware from SD card thru built in bootloader.