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A project log for Enclose them all in super clear epoxy!

Very recently I was so impressed by a Japanese modern artist who draws golden fish in epoxy. I cannot draw but make circuit. Why not!

kodera2tkodera2t 08/29/2018 at 13:280 Comments

You may just think these are real fish, but in fact they are drawing. A few weeks ago, I got to know it on TV program, and very the same day I went to a museum currently presenting this art.

This encounter was almost "groundbreaking" to me, but unfortunately I am not good at drawing but I want something inspired by this wonderful shock.

Actually I did not know the existence of this material "super clear epoxy". As you see, it is really clear and looks like floating inside transparent object. Currently it is just the beginning but I will try make more by using this wonderful material. On the next project log, I will explain how to program them (as you guess, it's OTA)..