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A project log for LZRTag - Flexible DIY Lasertag

An easy to build, program, modify and use AVR and ESP based Lasertag system for everyone!

XasinXasin 10/02/2018 at 18:410 Comments

Finally, I got this lazy butt moving on something I've been wanting to have for my Lasertag project (or actually, anything that has the tiniest bit of WiFi capability) - a proper App!

Thanks to my student helper job making me learn Qt, I recently found myself possessing that last tool I needed to make an appealing, responsive UI, without worrying about the graphics and the "how" behind it too much.
QML is just too good in that regard.

Enough of this though, let's have some pictures!

Very WIP front page
The front page - This'll hold the most important stats. Life, Ammo left, a small map, and a list of teammates and their status.
The settings
The slightly more developed settings page. Connection status, server IP and (later) login data, as well as a custom name and profile icon link can be entered here - all stored persistently!

The whole thing is still in the works, but thanks to the Qt MQTT library, it was easy to integrate in the running system - it'll receive game data as quickly as the sets itself!

As an added bonus, the "Material Style" was used to get a unified, sleek look, and some of the theme colors are adjusted live to match your current theme color. Pretty neat, huh?

In the future I'll fine-tune the front page to be easy to read, while still holding the important information, and add other gimmicks like an enemy proximity radar, but ... That's still a while off.