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A project log for LZRTag - Flexible DIY Lasertag

An easy to build, program, modify and use AVR and ESP based Lasertag system for everyone!

xasinXasin 09/23/2019 at 20:340 Comments

That's what I'm counting on~
I used to want you to beep, but now I only want you ooonn~

Heh, couldn't help myself there.

A lot has been happening with the Lasertag sets recently. Sadly, most of it has to do with internal reconfigurations and polishing. I'm slowly working on adding the new features that the hardware has given me, and it has been going very well! 

The Nav Switch works super well, the weapon's power supply is stable, charging works just fine... The Ruby-Side is getting a good amount of affection too, making sure it's the best it can be for the new stuff.

But ... I felt like doing something ... Silly. Something to really savor what it means to have four whole Lasertag sets at once. And there was no better way to do that, than to make them play "Cara Mia", the Portal 2 turret song in the end sequence.

One thing that really swept me off my feet here was an experience that I think many of you can cherish.

While trying to play the song, bugs and glitchy sounds kept popping up. I thought it was some kind of malfunction, maybe a faulty packet transmission... But when I cleared up the typo that caused a unsigned vs. signed calculation, it suddenly all came together as a ... Frankly quite stunning melody.

We hackers deal with randomness and glitches all the time, constantly trying to turn it into some form of pattern, rhythm, music, or art. It was quite poetic, really.