Feature Creep Avoided!

A project log for LZRTag - Flexible DIY Lasertag

An easy to build, program, modify and use AVR and ESP based Lasertag system for everyone!

xasinXasin 11/09/2019 at 20:070 Comments

Whew, so ... Finally.

Before I start rambling on about stuff, I'd like to share a proper video demonstrating a handful of features that are now fully functional and supported in the Lasertag code <3

This means that my system is fully functional and useable for games, with everything you'd need to set it up:

And I also spent all the time needed to build and wire up four of these sets all by myself, which was fun, but also a surprising amount of work.

As of this time, I've completed my list of issues and ideas I wanted to implement, have successfully avoided feature-creep and am a bit out of breath :P
This means I can finally put this project's development back on pause for a well deserved break while I focus on Uni.

Trust me, this is not the end, and you will see more progress on the webinterface and some general polishing all around once I feel like it again - but for now I am really more than happy with the system, and it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labour by inviting my friends over for a round or two <3