It ain't done yet!

A project log for LZRTag - Flexible DIY Lasertag

An easy to build, program, modify and use AVR and ESP based Lasertag system for everyone!

xasinXasin 12/27/2020 at 19:310 Comments

Don't you dare think that we're done with the Lasertag just yet!
We just... We have a backlog of stuff here, we had an amazing time finishing a few really good #Some Christmas gift presents (will have to be updating that one later too, it is turning out really nice :D), BUT 

We FINALLY bought it! The Principle Sound Design Sci-Fi weapon SFX Unity asset we have been dreaming about for oh so long.
It was reduced by 30%, and now that we finally have OPUS encoding we can store compressed audio, allowing us to have 20 times more sound effects in the same storage space, meaning it's actually worthwhile to get high-quality SFX and slap them in there!

The SFX pack has a huge list of weapon designs, some of which are just blowing us away, but we will need to rewrite the entire gun handling core to make use of things like energy-beam weapons and the different pre-charge/post-charge effects.

You can see a first rough draft of the improved effects here:

Oh, and on another note, a few people have shown interest in trying out the VSYL Emitter Type, which is a type of IR laser instead of regular IR diode. It could seriously improve the transmission distance of the Lasertag. 

Look down into the comments to see how it's going!