Leg testing

A project log for Blackbird Bipedal Robot

A low-cost, high-performance bipedal walking robot

Gabrael LevineGabrael Levine 09/24/2018 at 06:430 Comments

I'm running some sinusoidal trajectories on the leg to simulate different modes of locomotion such as walking and jumping. The actual controller will be far more complicated of course, but this gives me the opportunity to check the range of motion. 

I also put the leg right-side-up on the ground to see how much current it draws when standing. The results were promising -- only 15A per actuator. Or in other words, only 37 watts for the entire leg. It seems highly likely that I'll be able to hit the goal of 2 hours of operation on a 500Wh battery. (The real robot will need to support more weight, like the battery and yaw/roll actuators, but this will be mitigated by the new actuator I'm designing that features a 50% higher gear ratio and better cooling.)