Everything's working!

A project log for The Chameleon System

A Eurorack hardware module with digital flexibility.

Johan BilénJohan Bilén 10/05/2018 at 09:260 Comments


Having tested all the modules I'm now ready to complete the project.

MIDI module NAMIBIA is working!

Data Out 1-3: MIDI-Vel-PB/MIDI Arpeggio/Chaos Notes/Chaos Freq.
Data Out 4: Mod. Wheel/Perf. 1
Arp Mode: Up/Down/Up-Down/Random
Arp Speed: Manual/Gate In 1
Chaos Trig: Manual/Gate In 1
Pitchbend: 0-10

Four oscillator module NAMAQUA is working!


Data input 1: Note/Frequency/Performance/Performance+
Waveform 1-4: Sinewave/Sawtooth/Ramp/Squarewave/Triangle/Pulsewave/White Noise/Pink Noise
Audio Out 1-4: Left Ch./Left/Right Ch./Right Ch.
Audio Level 1-4: 0-10
Semitones 1-4: -24/+24
Detune: 0-100hz
Glide: 0-100

Stereo filter and amplifier module TIGRIS is working!

Type L: Lowpass/Bandpass/Highpass
Frequency L: Data In 1/Performance/Performance+
Type R: Lowpass/Bandpass/Highpass
Frequency R: Data In 2/Data In 1/Performance/Performance+
Amplifier In: Data In 3/Bypass